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What we do

Our approach

For every project, we utilize a three-step approach.


We start everyproject with a clean slate and a lot of questions. Who is your audience? How will it see your content? What are the appropriate resources for the project?

We take pride in our analytical tools. We base our recommendations on the best business research and intelligence available.

One question we don't begin with is, "How much do you have to spend?" Our goal is to build a lasting relationship, not to maximize short-term revenue. We determine the most effective approach to your project, then we figure out how to make it happen within your budget.

We're not always going to submit the lowest bid, but we will deliver the highest value.


Designing media is not like ordering Chinese take-out. It's not a one-from-column-A, one-from-column-B. We don't throw a bunch of ideas at you, and leave you to choose. Instead we use a high-touch approach.

We get to know your likes and dislikes before we make our initial design. From there we continue to proceed in an iterative manner to arrive at the most suitable design for your project.


This is where the rubber hits the road. The most beautiful design is worthless without the proper execution.

For video projects, we have a state of the art high definition studio with proper monitoring throughout the facility. We're able to accept material from any format and master to any common format. Unlike many boutique firms, we master to tape ourselves. We don't just hand off a file and hope for the best. We deliver to the most stringent technical specifications.

For Internet projects we adhere to industry coding standards for compliance and accessibility. Unlike most small firms, we have several co-located servers, so that we can choose the best combination of bandwidth, storage, and application support for your project at an extremely competitive price. No project launches until it's completely tested on all commonly used platform and browser combinations.